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Storm Damage Repair Contractors in Twin Cities MN!

Storms can happen when you least expect them and add chaos to your life when you have the least time to deal with it. Wild Prairie Homes deals with storm damage on a daily basis. Storms can create unique situations that many contractors are not able to handle. After repairing countless homes from Anoka, down to St Peter, and out to Marshall, Wild Prairie Homes is fully equipped to handle your repair needs.

Q: Are Inspections Free?
A: Yes. Wild Prairie Homes will inspect your roof at no cost.

Q: Can You Offer Emergency Services?
A: Yes. Wild Prairie Homes will arrive on site to help remove fallen trees, provide temporarily patchwork for roofs and siding, provide structural bracing if needed, board up broken doors and windows, and extract water from basements. Our goal is to provide fast service to secure and prevent any further damage to your property.

Q: How Do I Know If I Have Storm Damage?
A: Sometimes storm damage isn't obvious. Many property owners fail to file an insurance claim because the homeowner does not recognize the signs of storm damage. Some damage, such as cracked siding, broken windows, or curled or missing shingles, can be seen from the ground, however you cannot generally see hail damage from the ground. If there has been hail in your area, a full inspection of your roof, siding, windows, and deck should be completed by an experienced contractor. Over time, damaged roofing materials continue to deteriorate and jeopardize the integrity of the roofing system causing increased problems over time.

Q: Are Inspections Free?
A: Yes. Wild Prairie Homes will inspect your roof at no cost.

Q: Can You File My Claim For Me?
A: No. Insurance companies require the homeowner to file the storm damage claim. Once the claim has been filed, Wild Prairie Homes will work hand-in-hand with the insurance company to ensure your home is restored to its prior condition.

Q: Should I Have A Contractor Attend The Insurance Adjuster's Inspection?
A: Absolutely. It is important for the homeowner to have representation during the inspection to ensure that no property damage has been overlooked. For example, if you file a claim for hail damage to your siding, the insurance company will send an adjuster to assess the damage to the siding, but they may not check your roof. Oftentimes, insurance companies get multiple claims at once and in an effort to be efficient, they may overlook damage if it's not specifically pointed out to them.

Q: How Much Will I Have To Pay For the Repairs?
A: The only expense the homeowner is responsible for is the insurance deductible. If you choose to upgrade your materials and the cost of the upgrade exceeds the amount allowed to make the necessary repairs, you would be responsible for the amount of the upgraded materials.

Q: How Does Wild Prairie Homes Receive Payment?
A: The insurance company will mail the insurance proceeds to the homeowner in 2 to 4 payments depending on the extent of the damage. Each check will be made payable to the homeowner and the mortgage company. The check will need to be endorsed by both parties and then made payable to Wild Prairie Homes.

1. If you're unsure if damage exists, call Wild Prairie Homes to do a FREE inspection.

2. If damage exists, contact your homeowners' insurance company and file a claim.

3. Notify Wild Prairie Homes of the date & time the adjustor will be assessing the property so we can work together to detect storm damage. If Wild Prairie Homes and the adjuster disagree about the extent or cause of the damage, you can ask your insurance company for a re-inspection with a new adjuster.

4. Once the insurance company has approved the claim, they will provide a "scope of work" that will outline the items needed to be completed in order to return the home to its condition prior to the storm. The homeowner will then select the materials to be used to complete the repairs.

5. Upon receiving the first payment, Wild Prairie Homes will purchase the selected materials and schedule the work to be completed.

6. Once the project is completed, Wild Prairie Homes will schedule any necessary inspections and the homeowner can inform the insurance company to process the final payment.

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